Our Story

Prairie Fire Phones - Customized Business Phone ServicesPrairie Fire Phones was founded by two colleagues who shared a vision of a custom built VoIP phone solution for businesses who found their Mediacom or CenturyLink phone services unnecessarily complicated or just too expensive. Michael, a Computer Programmer and Data Communications Specialist, and Kevin, an Electrical Contractor and Entrepreneur teamed up to form Prairie Fire Phones.

Prairie Fire Phones’ Core Values include:
  1. Provide Excellent Service.
  2. Provide Excellent Products.
  3. Provide a better Pathway to Communication.

Typically these kinds of principles come with a heavy fee, but at Prairie Fire Phones, we have worked hard to create a smart solution that uses the latest technologies including our creation of a cloud based backbone.

What this means to our customers is that we can provide a better overall service than our competitors and help keep your costs low, too!

Prairie Fire Phones - No More CenturyLink or Mediacom
Outstanding Service
Prairie Fire Phones - VoIP, Digital, Cloud Solutions
Best Proven Products
Prairie Fire Phones - Affordable Business Phone Services
Excellent Overall Value

Since we build each phone system to meet our individual customer’s needs, we can create your system to be robust and feature-rich or simple and easy to use. From family owned mom-and-pop businesses to large, multi-state corporations we can help save time, money and add valuable services to your business. We even provide onsite training for your new products to help you maximize your productivity and minimize downtime!

We are here to help all businesses and welcome you to a new approach to business phones. Thank you for being part of our Prairie Fire Phones’ family.